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Become comfortable with wine

Become comfortable with wine :

1.    Learn how to pronounce varietals and wine names

2.    Practice opening bottles and serving wine properly

3.    Learn which wines on your list are suitable with which food


Once you are comfortable with these basics

remember to :

4.    Bring your wine-list to the table and offer it to a guest

5.    Show guests your wine promotion information on tables and boards

6.    Suggest wine with an appetizer or main entrée

·        Use positive words : “ Tonight we are featuring our famous ….illustrious . It’s one of our best selling appetizers!”

·        Combine with wine : “ with …………. Chardonnay . It’s great…”

·        Offer choices , choices , choices : “ Besides , we have …3 most popular appetizers such as ……………..”

·        Assume the sale : “ Do you care for an appetizer with a glass of ……. Chardonnay

·        Make it mouthwatering : “ ……description food with feature of colors , taste and flavor …”

·        Fill the time gap : “……..inform guest the time to prepare food……”

·        Show some evident

7.    Introduce  a wine as your “ personal favorite  and customers’ consumption “

8.    Suggest wine while using words like “ Special and Feature “

Learn from tasting notes of wines : “…….Cabernet Sauvignon takes the nose by storm with blackberry , black cherry , black pepper.……..”

9.    Suggest a bottle when two or more guests order the same wine by-the-glass

10. Serve wines properly


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