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Restaurant management training
Restaurant management training is about more than teaching a manager how to staff your restaurant and receive deliveries. Your restaurant managers have a role that is far more vital � to impart your restaurant�s brand and positioning on staff members and guests.

Although general managers generally have a natural ability to demonstrate superior leadership skills and customer service, they still need to go through restaurant manager training to become familiar with your restaurant�s specific needs.

Successful Restaurant Management Training

On the most basic level, your general manager will establish systems and procedures to ensure the consistent and smooth operation of your restaurant.

Beyond that, your general manager will be responsible for hiring employees who will represent your brand.

Restaurant management training can help your general manager determine how to hire staff that fit the brand personality of your restaurant by giving your general manager a firm understanding of who your restaurant is.

If your general manager does not understand your restaurant�s brand and positioning, they won�t be able to communicate an accurate message to potential and existing employees or, most importantly, to your guests.

Restaurant Management Training: Guest Experience

Restaurant management training should emphasize the important role general managers have in front-of-house operations. General managers should be on the floor greeting guests and identifying and responding to problems as they arise to ensure patrons receive a superb dining experience.

Restaurant Management Training: Staff Training

In a sense, a general manager is a talent scout. A general manager oversees the management, training and development of your staff.

For that reason, restaurant manager training should teach general managers to be leaders, not just bosses. Much like a symphony conductor, your general manager will guide the rest of your staff, making sure that everyone stays in tune.

Restaurant management training must also teach general managers how to perform proficiently in every rank. A skilled general manager should be able to carry out every single job within the restaurant better, faster and more efficiently than anybody else. By doing so, a general manager can identify ineffective procedures, easily step in for existing employees and train new employees for any position.

Restaurant Management Training: Staff Relations

Besides directing the hiring, training and motivation of your employees, a general manager must also have strong employee relations. Restaurant manager training should show general managers how to play the part of a one-man human resources department.

Restaurant management training must help general managers establish standards for hygiene, conduct, dress code, resignations, evaluations and harassment and offer ideas on proper ways to address each issue with employees.
Restaurant Management Training: Sales

Your general manager is also responsible for budgeting and managing your restaurant�s income. This includes building sales, managing costs and creating appropriate inventory goals to ensure that your restaurant operates within budget.

While no restaurant management training program can teach a general manager how to handle every type of situation, a restaurant manager training program can re-enforce your restaurant�s specific needs and brand so your general manager can apply that logic to every decision they make for your restaurant.

Restaurant management training should inspire your general manager to run your restaurant as if it were their own. A good general manager will be just as passionate about your restaurant as you are.

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