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Become comfortable with wine
Restaurants for sale
If you have considered buying an existing restaurant, you have undoubtedly spent hours poring over lists of restaurants for sale. But if you�re just examining list prices and average annual revenues, you may be headed for disaster. The following tips will get you around some common mistakes buyers make when purchasing a restaurant currently in operation.
Restaurant accounting software
Where the typical restaurateur�s financial expertise lacks, restaurant accounting software can pick up the slack. Most restaurateurs find their way into the industry because of a knack for hospitality, not accounting. But if accounting software is figured into a restaurant�s equation, it will add up to success.
Restaurant management training
Restaurant management training is about more than teaching a manager how to staff your restaurant and receive deliveries. Your restaurant managers have a role that is far more vital � to impart your restaurant�s brand and positioning on staff members and guests.
Restaurant floor plan
Chances are, most have fallen victim to a poor restaurant floor plan at one time or another. When a guest gets lost on the way to the restroom, smack foreheads with a server rounding a tight corner or is forced to sit with strangers to allow someone else pass through an aisle way, a flawed restaurant floor plan is to blame.
Restaurant fundraising
Because many investors consider restaurants to be risky business ventures, restaurant fundraising for a new concept can be challenging. Restaurateurs need to find financial backers, secure loans and stretch their pockets to the limit.
Restaurant Franchise
Do you think you have a restaurant that could be the next McDonald's? Ever wonder if the Colonel knew something you don't? Maybe you, too, should consider franchising.
Restaurant design trends
Everything from entertainment to ethnic flavors has sparked restaurant design trends over the years. Restaurant design trends are shifting to consider not only the visual presentation, but also the emotional reactions to the visual presentation � and one theme does not fit all.
Opening a restaurant
Opening a restaurant takes time, patience and plenty of work. Deadlines must be met, and your efforts must be set towards meeting your budget and creative specifications. But with the right planning, getting everything done in a timely manner can be accomplished with minimum frustration.
Restaurant Training
Restaurant Training is something that every restaurant does, but not every restaurant takes full advantage of it as a tool for increasing profit. Think of restaurant training as much more than teaching the server staff how to set a table, take an order or serve a meal. You can�t separate restaurant training from marketing.
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